Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Found It: LaVada TV Tray

While picking through the dirty, webby, animal-trodden, wasp-infested sheds, a person can come along a really awesome find occasionally.  For years I looked at the shed (stay tuned for those images in a week or two) and only ever ventured into the first few feet.  I knew there was an opening in the back that held old windows.  Well, it held windows, and then some...

Look at this freaking tray!  I LOVE IT.  I found three, with two stands and another stand that held the whole set.  It's in great shape, especially if you consider its 30+ years just hanging out in an open-air shed in the crazy climate that is Kansas.  A little corrosion makes it legit.  Check it out on Etsy.  I'm a little worried about the shipping, as I'm going to have to make a box and wrap the hell out of it, but if someone really wants it they'll shell out the dough, right?

I'm going to keep one, because, well, this job has to have some perks.  The great W glasses on top are a gift from my sister from way back when I first lived on my own.  There are eight of those glasses, so this perfect entertaining set is coming together, slowly, over the course of years.

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